The Crucible Compare And Contrast Essay

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The Crucible also known as the Salem witch trials and the duke lacrosse case were both a turning point in history for America. Both of the events harmed many people in a number of ways. Although the crucible was a lot harsher, they both compare and differentiate in a plethora of ways. For example, they compare because of the lack of evidence used and the false accusations told upon the people. They contrast because of the way the accusers were treated at the end of it, and because of all the lies told. As you can see, both of the events caused a great toll to those involved in any of the two situations. To begin with, The Crucible also known as the Salem witch trials was a court in the Puritan New England town of Salem, Massachusetts trying to accuse more than two hundred …show more content…

It all started when a group of young girls and a black slave name Tituba were caught dancing in a forest by a man called Reverend Parris. Reverend Parris was a minister so this was a big issue to the town. His daughter Betty was then in some sort of sleep or coma where she would not wake up. This then caused the town to get angry and cry witchcraft on almost everything. More than 20 people were eventually killed from either being hanged or just from the conditions that they were living in. The Crucible and the duke lacrosse case compare because of the lack of evidence used against them. Danforth, which was the judge in Salem and Michael Byron Nifong, which was the prosecutor of the lacrosse case, were trying everything they could to accuse the people of their courts. For example, Danforth used what he heard based off Abigail Williams, which was a key part of the trials to accuse innocent people such as John Proctor or Elizabeth Proctor who were innocent. There were no witnesses or any type of proof showing that they were involved with witchcraft. This did not stop Danforth from hanging the accusers with the information he

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