The Crucible John Proctor Dilemma Essay

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The Crucible was taken place in Salem, Massachusetts in the late 1600’s, this play was written by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller wrote one of his most important writings on the moral dilemma that went on in this time, which was neighbor and neighbor turning on each other and the jealousy and suspicion. Neighbors accused neighbors of witchcraft which did not actually exist. John Proctor who played a big role in the moral dilemma, has to decide whether to lie and confess about witchcraft in order to save his own life, or to die being true to his beliefs. John Proctor was one of the most respected men, but he was stubborn and cheated on his wife. John was a hardworking man, he was sensible and honest. John struggled with the love of his wife, a past relationship with Abigail, and his pride. John was a man who made mistake after mistake, which then lead to the Salem witch trials. This leads to multiple people put …show more content…

She was jealous of John Proctor’s wife. Abigail was also a manipulator, she was about to be busted for witchcraft she blamed everything on Tituba and several other people. Abigail then manipulates Tituba into going out and putting a spell on John Proctor’s wife so then she can take her place. Not only did she do this to Tituba but she also lied and manipulated everyone so much that she sent nineteen innocent people to their deaths. While at court about Abigail and John’s affair, her and her friends that have been manipulated starts accusing Mary that John had forced Abigail to lie which then Danforth puts Proctor under arrest. John Proctor’s pride originally kept him from telling everyone about the affair but his love for his wife was more important. When John was arrested and accused with witchcraft, after his wife lied to the court. He sat in his jail cell deciding between his pride and his survival, thinking he could confess being a witch but then his reputation would be

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