The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time Analysis

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On November 4th, all of us went to watch the play that called “The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night-Time” which had won the Tony Award on Broadway, Play Bill Ethel Barrymore Theater. This play was written by Mark Haddon.This show is about a autistic boy who named Christopher Bonne and he try hard to solve the mystery of who killed the Wellington who was the dog of his neighbor Mrs.Shear. This leads Christopher to lots of problems and knew the truth of the death of his mother. Christopher is the main charactor of the story and his acter is Tyler Lea and Benjamin Wheelwright. In the begining of the story, Christopher saw Wellington dead and he want to solve the mystery which about who killed the dog. However, this lead him to a even bigger problem and he knew that his mother didn’t die and his mother is act by. Also, he knew that his father lie to him and killed the dog. His father is act by Richard Hollis. Since his father lie to him and kill the dog, Christopher feel very disappointed and he can’t trust his father anymore. As a result, he decide go to London and find his mother who was act by Enid Graham. At the middle of the story, Christopher is on the train station and he is performing the behaviors of autistic person such as he hate the noises that made by train and hate people touch him. Those behaviors caused him almost near the death. Fortunately,other people help him and he get to his mother’s house successfuly. Yet, his mother and Christopher go back to

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