Death Penalty Debate

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When children become old enough to understand and comprehend words, they get taught that murder is a wrong and dishonorable act. So, what is the United States government telling their citizens when they allow the Capital Punishment, also known as the Death Penalty? They make others think, if the government allows killing human beings as a punishment, then they can too for the same reason. The U.S government is being hypocritical when they say people can not kill others because they are doing the same thing.The Death Penalty is just costing more citizens’ lives that could either be running around the country or in a blocked off prison spending their time thinking about what they have done. This punishment has many states in which follow it…show more content…
“In 1992, Willingham was convicted of arson murder in Texas. He was believed to have intentionally set a fire that killed his three kids,” (Avvo: innocent, paragraph 1). Those children were of his own blood and DNA and he had to deal with the fact of being found guilty of his own kids’ deaths. There were even witnesses who saw Willingham break into the kids’ windows to try and save them. All of the court’s evidence linking to Willingham was all things inspectors assumed and not cold hard facts or absolute evidence. The court did not take anything into consideration, however, and executed him anyways. At the execution, his parents and some of his relatives watched as the man they love gets put to death by something that the court later found out he was innocent…show more content…
It took ten minutes to find George guilty and seventy years to find him innocent. The execution was not even lethal injection, trying to make it easier on him. It was an electric chair making him suffer to his death and that goes against the eighth amendment of no cruel and unusual punishment. This execution, among others, goes against the United States constitution. Even if it was lethal, it still would be cruel and unusual because all bodies are different and some suffer for hours after the injection.
In conclusion, the Death Penalty should not exist. It has taken away the innocent like Cameron and the young like George. The government is not thinking clearly when they execute someone for murdering. They do not rape a person who is a rapist so they should not murder someone who is a murderer. Instead, they should let taxpayers pay less money and criminals hide away in prisons. The government should also follow the United States constitution and not use cruel and unusual
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