The Decision Of John Proctor In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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During the first four acts of Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, we have learned that John Proctor, who tends to be a main part of the story, he was thought very highly of in the first act, but as you progress into the next acts we begin to realize that not everything about him is good. He later on showed his true feelings. Mr. Proctor gave up his good name to protect his wife Elizabeth Proctor. Proctor’s wife Elizabeth Proctor is a small minded person when she is first introduced in act two. She is very short tempered and didn't believe much of anything that Proctor spoke of. Near the end of act four, Proctor threw his good name away when he admitted to witchery to save Elizabeth, but by confessing that he was a witch he would have put his friends a tough spot, considering they were already in a tough spot. …show more content…

In favor to saving the lives of his friends he has chosen to rip up the signed confession. Before Proctor ripped up the confession, he spoke with his wife Elizabeth Proctor and he goes on to say, “I have been thinking I would confess to them Elizabeth. What say you? If I give them that?”(Act IV.465-468). Elizabeth Proctor then says to Proctor that she will not judge him if he does choose to confess. The fact that Proctor is willing to confess to a false accusation is a way of proving that he is a good man. He is willing to commit to a false charge just to save his reputation. Although Proctor could have saved himself after confessing when Danforth asked for the signature from him, he signed it but the grabbed the paper and ripped it up. He knew it would save his life, but it’d make everyone else that was convicted look

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