The Deep End Of Fear Book Report

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Have you had that friend that always gets you into trouble and tells you to do things that you know you shouldn 't? Kate the main character in the book “The Deep End of Fear”. Kate’s old best friend Ashley was always getting her into trouble. She was always dared to do extremely dangerous things and those dangerous things got Ashley killed. Ashley dared Kate to walk out on the pond when it was not very thick. Kate refused so Ashley went out on the pond. She fell through and got sucked up under the ice and drowned. Kate was very uneasy about her friend dying and was getting haunted by her. Kate left Westbrooke and returned a few years later to tutor Patrick Ashley’s brother. Patrick is now starting to get haunted by his sister, so I’m going to predict why she is haunting her little brother, question why Ashley was always daring Kate to do …show more content…

She is very kind. Katie has always had a lot of friends. She has never been the person to start rumors or tattle on people. Katie is very altruistic. She kept a lot to herself and was quiet in school. Her family is very classy so she uses her manners and is very etiquette. She also moved back to where her friend passed away just to help her little brother. She knew Patrick had always struggled with school and she was an outstandingly smart girl, so she moved back to be his tutor. Katie is also rich. Katie’s dad is a doctor and is rarely home because he works so much. He is either at the hospital in the city next-door or traveling to other hospitals: “Your dad is one of the best surgeons in the country; like you have to worry about money” (Chandler 74). She rarely sees her dad but she always gets what she wants and more. Katie’s mom owns a family business that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is a very well known business in the town of Westbrooke. That is some ways you could evaluate Katie as a person even though there are a lot more

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