The Dehumanization Of Jews During The Holocaust

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Jews that lived during the Holocaust were robbed and deprived of their God given rights and humanity.. They slowly lost hope, faith, family, and the reason you keep living. Elie Wiesel realizes he has to let go of his family to survive when the doctor says, “In this place there is no such thing as father, brother, friend”(110). This is dehumanizing because people are born needing a family to depend on and once they lose something as simple as that, they fall into a pit of negative emotions. Thousands of people lost their family members during the holocaust and the Germans had absolutely so sympathy towards them. The Nazis continued their torment by killing large groups of people in small, confined areas. This is supported by a Jew among Wiesel when he said, “we can’t let them kill us like that, like cattle in the slaughterhouse”(31).…show more content…
Elie Wiesel was one of the few that was able to keep their humanity, even through the harshest things. Many Jews turned into what the Nazis were treating them like because they weren’t strong enough to withstand the influence. The Nazis would often throw out nasty remarks like, “Faster, you tramps, you flea-ridden dogs!”(85). to make the Jews feel little and insignificant. In Night, Elie watched dozens of people being trampled because they weren’t fast enough and gave up. They could not hold ceremonies or say their goodbyes to the fallen, which is something people take for granted. Jews had to go through so much loss and transformation during the holocaust that there is no surprise when they lost their humanity and went absolutely mad, like
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