The Demon Lover Analysis

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The Terror of The Demon Lover There are several locations within The Demon Lover where imagery was used to set the tone of the story. Some of these include how the house was described, how Mrs. Drover was portrayed, and how the taxi gave off a false sense of security. The story has a very eerie tone and the depicts that extremely well. The imagery set the tone so well that you can almost hear the house creaking as Mrs. Drover walks through. While the entire story had very descriptive diction, there were a few locations where the imagery especially stood out. There are multiple times during the description of the house helps to set the eerie tone of the story. One of these is when the key won’t turn in the door and she must force the door…show more content…
Drover, the taxi sets a false tone of safety. She is thinking that if she can only get to the taxi she will be safe, while the reader knows that something is wrong. The fact that there is only one taxi setting in the line gives her only one choice, if she is getting a taxi, which to her is basically salvation because it is a return to normalcy, and she takes it happily, not even looking to see who the driver is (5). Then there is the fact that the taxi knew where she was going before she had “said where.” (5). Then lastly, there is the fact that after she saw who the driver was she screamed and the driver “made off with her into the hinterland of deserted streets.” (5). In conclusion, The Demon Lover has several locations where the author uses imagery to set the eerie tone of the story. You can easily see how it does so when you consider how the house is described, how Mrs. Drover is portrayed, and how the taxi gave a false sense of security. The imagery within the story is so real, and because of that, the tone is set very easily. The diction used within the story was extremely well used. Because of that, the imagery was so real that I could hear the door creaking open in my mind. I hope to read many more stories that are this well
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