The Devil And Tom Walker Motivation

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Selling your soul to The Devil is an old and classic archetype. When an individual sells his soul, is in exchange for something big. Tom, from Washington Irving’s “The Devil and Tom Walker” and Queen Ravenna from “Snow White and the Huntsman” had their own, but similar reason or motivation to make a deal with The Devil, and they ended up in a very bad way.
First, Tom from “The Devil and Tom Walker” wanted a selfish richness because according to the story, he didn’t care when his wife was killed by The Devil: ‘He leaped with joy, for he recognized his wife 's apron, and supposed it to contain the household valuables.
"Let us get hold of the property," said he, consolingly to himself, "and we will endeavor to do without the woman."’
Tom was happy his wife was dead, so he didn’t have to share anymore, this makes him a selfish person. And also knowing The Devil did that, Tom made the treat with him by accepting the job of lending money and putting high interests, and eventually become rich:
‘"You shall open a broker 's shop in Boston next …show more content…

Another person who made a treat with The Devil is Queen Ravenna, from “Snow White and the Huntsman”. She made a treat with The Devil because she wanted power and immortality. In the movie there’s a flashback scene shown, in which it can be appreciated that when Queen Ravenna was a child, her kingdom is being destroyed and her mother tells her to avenge their kingdom. In this scene is shown that her desire of power is because of her dark and sad past. Also, Queen Ravenna not only made the treat with The Devil because of that, but because she wanted immortality and beauty (the beauty comes with the immortality), but to achieve that desire, Snow White’s heart is needed, according to The Devil in the mirror. During most part of the movie, it is shown that Ravenna is desperate to capture Snow White (who escaped), and then she could have her heart. This shows Ravenna’s frustrated desire of immortality and beauty, no matter the cost

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