The Devil And Tom Walker Retold Analysis

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The Devil and Tom Walker Retold Tom Walker was on his way to his home in the big city of Boston, MA. He was headed home from a busy and stressful day of work. On his way, Tom started feeling reluctant about going home. He knew as soon as he had gotten home, his wife would start whining and complaining. Tom was miserable with his wife because all they did was fight and argue. Instead of going straight home, Tom decided to take a little detour. As he was driving, Tom noticed a path he’d never seen before, so he decided to go down the path. Once on the path, the sky suddenly turned dark. While Tom was driving, he came to a point on the path that was blocked by a tree. Tom got out of his car to remove the fallen tree from the path. Attempting to pick up the tree, Tom notices something carved into the bark. Hand-carved into the bark of the tree was the name “John”. Tom read the name multiple times in his head before coming to the conclusion that it was his co-worker. Suddenly there was a rustle in the bushes and out of the darkness Tom heard a voice. “Who goes there?” says …show more content…

Things do not go well for her and she never returns. As life goes on for Tom he does become extremely wealthy by the deal he and the devil made. Tom now works for the devil. One day Tom has a customer named Roy. Roy becomes furious with Tom’s prices and refuses to buy it. Once Roy leaves, the sky turns dark and Tom gets scared. He goes to lock the doors in his office because he knows what is about to happen. Tom’s end of the deal was to sell insurance at ridiculous prices and every customer must buy the insurance. With Roy leaving without purchasing the insurance, Tom had failed. Now the devil has come to take Tom’s soul. As Tom turns to run, he is paralyzed and cannot move. The floor of the building opens up and two gigantic hands ascend and drag Tom down to Hell. No one ever sees or hears from Tom

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