Role Of Ambition In Everyday Life

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Ambition is one of the best qualities a person can have, without it many people would not have been able to achieve the dream they were striving for. People see ambition as one of the greatest driving forces out there and others think “Ambition is among the strongest and most creative forces in the arsenal of human psychology and frequently the reason things get done.” The author stated how ambition is what constantly helps us get things done. without it we would all find it hard to get things done, if it’s doing something simple like working out in the morning, to doing something large like starting a company. We all need the ambition to be able to get anything in life done. This is example, shows how ambition helps people in everyday life …show more content…

Which would be to have too much of it. Having to much ambition can cause a person to become blind, “it also is one of the most dangerous [characteristics]--that drive to grab the biggest slice of the pie before anyone else and sometimes even the entire pie. “ This metaphor is saying that people with too much ambition do things without thinking, they act on impulses without analyzing the situation that might result from that decision. With ambition, everyone will be very impulsive and not be able to control their actions. Another, example of how having too much ambition can be through julius Caesar “Throughout his career, Caesar gave the impression that he always knew where he was going and what he was going to do when he got there. That impression eventually proved to be his undoing as it mutated into an imperious arrogance that cost him his life.” While Julius Caesar was able to gain the power he had because of his ambition it was also the thing that cause his downfall and assassination. He made decisions that did not help anyone, it was the ambition making the decisions rather than himself. The fact is that Julius Caesar's ambition pushed him to strive to continue the greatness he had supplied the Roman people with so long, that he became arrogant and selfish, which negatively affected his life. In conclusion, having too much ambition in one’s life, or being too overambitious, will eventually lead to one’s downfall and failure in life, like clearly seen with Julius Caesar and many more “has-been”

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