Examples Of Ambition In The Kite Runner

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Sam Hughes
English 10
April 6, 2023
How Ambition is not Singularly Beneficial in the Kite Runner
“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” This Cottingham quote procures that when the definition of ambition is contemplated, it is almost impossible to not think of it as majorly positive. There is no blame to be put forth for that either as ambition is typically seen as a positive trait in the eyes of most. Myriads of different situations and objects can affect a person’s motivation or ambitious state. Whether it be ambition or something else, Hosseini’s Kite Runner shows what motivates the narrator’s actions and emotions, both positively and negatively.
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It has been seen far throughout this story that Amir is just a boy who misses his father, even in his grown-up life. As such, he feels the obligation to impress his Baba. This shows even more proof that Amir just might be good on the inside, “There is a way to be good again…” (Hosseini 226). This quote occurs when Amir makes the final decision to save Sohrab, so to speak. It is also indirectly emphasized throughout the story that Amir makes the decision to save Sohrab because it would have made Baba proud. Regardless of Amir’s intentions, the fact he sacrificed himself and paused his life greatly to do this also shows how he is a good person. In addition to this, Amir really went all-out to not only save, but also protect Sohrab with all his might. When Amir had the encounter with Assef and they began to fight, this showed Amir’s willingness to, without a second thought, potentially die for Sohrab. Most would have feared death in this case, especially when Assef stated, “When it’s all done, only one of us will walk out of this room alive” (Hosseini 287). Amir, however, was not scared and he suffered severe injuries. Whether this be for the approval of his late Baba or to focus on saving Sohrab. The main point to takeaway from this, is that with his advanced age, Amir is seemingly motivated by more generous concepts and shall be ultimately considered as more of a good

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