The Effects Of A Burmese Python Changing The Everglades

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A Burmese python can swallow prey that is a flabbergasting five times wide as its head! It can even grow to a dumbfounding 23 feet long! Burmese pythons are changing the Everglades. There are changes to both the local animals and to the people because of the presence of these pythons in the Everglades. Who would have thought that Burmese pythons had such big effects? Burmese pythons are greatly changing the Everglades.

One main point, Burmese pythons are changing the local animals. Pythons are killing all of the other animals in the Everglades! In the first paragraph of Source 2, the author explains, “With no natural predators, these eating machines appear to be wiping out huge numbers of opossums, raccoons, and bobcats, as well as …show more content…

People want to keep the Burmese python as a pet and when they release it back into the Everglades, there is a very grave situation. The author of Source 1 states in the last paragraph,”Many people have chosen these unusual reptiles as pets, most likely because of the snakes’ beautifully patterned skin, their rapid growth rate, and their generally docile disposition. Unfortunately, many of these owners upon discovering that they had more snake than they could handle, have resorted to the worst possible solution and released the snakes back into the wild.” The author is demonstrating that at first, people want to keep these pythons as pets because they seem very docile. On the other hand, the owners soon let the snakes go. This is terrible because these toxic snakes may go back into the Everglades and invade it. In Source 3, the author says,”Sign up for the competition to harvest the most Burmese pythons or the longest one and win up to $1,500!” The author explains that people can join a competition and win huge rewards. People can also learn all about the Burmese python and what it is doing to the Everglades. Because the Burmese python is in the Florida Everglades and is taking it over, people can do a python hunt to help the Everglades. The presence of these pythons is also greatly raising awareness for the people. Burmese pythons are impacting the people because they are in

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