Electoral College System

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Describe and explain the united state college system in counting electoral votes

In United States of American the president is elected for a four year term and may be reelected only once. The bicameral congress consists of the 100 member senate, elected to a six year term with one third of the seats becoming vacant every two years, and the 435 member house of representatives, elected every two years and the minimum voting age is 18.
Also the United States, officially known as the United States of America, abbreviated u.s or u.s.a byname America, country in North America, a federal republic of 50 state besides the 48 conterminous states that occupy the middle latitudes of the continent. It is these electors chosen by the people who elect the …show more content…

Roles and responsibility in the electoral college process the office of the federal register coordinates the function of the electoral college on behalf of the archivist of the united states the sates the congress and the federal register operates as an intermediary between the governors and secretaries of state of the sates and congress, it also acts as a trusted agent of the congress sense that legal sufficiency of the certificate before the house and senate accept them as evidence of official state action.
An election is a formal and organized process of electing or being elected especially of members of a political body, also an election is a process where citizens vote to elect officials to office or vote on bills and amendment trying to be passed and the modern representative democracy has functioned on this system since the 17th …show more content…

By USPS: david s. ferriero archivist of the united states national archives and records administration c/o office of the federal register (f)8601 adelph, road college park, MD 20740-6001
By commercial carrier: please, contact OFR legal for the best delivery address:202-741-6030 or electoral.college@nara.gov.
The original certificate and two certified copies (or duplicate originals) should be sent to the archivist as soon as possible after the November 6 election result are finalized at the very latest they must also be received by the electors on the statutory deadline of December 19 2016 also the legal staff of the office of the federal register will examine the certificate for legal sufficiency and send the certified copies or duplicate of originals to the U.S house and senate the other six originals must be retained by the state for the meeting of the state electors on December 19 2016 those six originals will then be attached to the certificates of votes executed at the electoral college

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