The Elements Of Gothic Fiction In 'The Tell Tale Heart'

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These stories are all in the genre of gothic fiction. They have different ways to show the themes of the stories like using darkness villains and death. The authors of these gothic fiction stories were Neil Gaiman“The Sandman” Edgar Allan Poe“The Tell Tale Heart” and Don’t Ask Jack“Neil Gaiman”. Gothic fiction is a writing type that has horror, death and fear. These are some elements of gothic fiction. In The Tell tale heart there is a butler that goes insane by a man that has an eye the size of a vulture. The jack in the box is a character that only comes out at night when the sun goes down. In the Sandman there is a little boy that gets very scared when the Sandman wants to rip his eyes out for his children to eat. The Sandman needed to wake the little boy so he could get his eyes. All three texts use setting, …show more content…

There was also characteristics of the main characters being a damsel in distress and insane. During the story The Tell Tale Heart the man with the vulture eye drives the butler insane. “He had the eye of a vulture, Whenever it fell on me my blood went cold.” By this happening the butler went insane and couldn’t deal with it any longer. He couldn’t help looking at the eye any longer so he had to get rid of him. The butler then cut his limbs off one by one and put them under the floorboards, this gives a sinister and menacing mood during the story. In Don’t ask jack the kids were going insane as there was a talking and moving toy. The toy had a small or no personality during the day but at night he was scary and created a menacing and sinister mood. In the Sandman the parent wanted to get food for his children. The food was the little boys eyes. The Sandman is a very silent character, this is until he strikes his enemies. This shows that the characters are all villains created a sinister and menacing mood wherever they

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