The Era Of Salutatory Effect

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In the mid to late 1700s England’s period of little involvement with the American colonies came to an end. When the British came over to fight, and eventually win, for the Americas they finally saw how much had developed. The British victory over the French in North America inevitably led to the American Revolution because it caused massive debt for England, and it ended the Era of Salutatory Effect for the colonists The British involvement in the French and Indian war ended up putting them in severe debt. Wars are expensive endeavors, the country must provide soldiers with food, clothing, weapons, transportation, payment for their services, and compensate families for losses. During the French and Indian war, also known by England as the…show more content…
After leaving the colonies alone for nearly 100 years then coming overseas and winning the Seven Years war, the English saw how developed their colonies had become and began to take advantage of them. Since their soldiers were stationed in America, parliament passed the Quartering Act, which allowed soldiers to take up residence anywhere they pleased and treat the owners in any manner. Britain also began restricting the colonists with numerous acts and laws violating their freedoms. The Currency Act prohibited the issue of new bills of credit by New England colonies. The Navigation Acts were acts that forced English colonies to send all produced goods strait, and only, to England, and prohibited any smuggling. The English colonies were technically not allowed to produce their own goods or buy from anywhere other than Britain, only buy them from England at a higher price so that their industry and economy would be built up again from debt and unemployment due to the ending of the war. This poor treatment due to England coming over to fight for us set the foundation for what would one day lead us to become independent. Of course many colonists weren’t going to heed to everything that England commanded, white men and even women were standing up for their rights. For example the Daughters of Liberty were a group of ladies dedicated to boycotting British goods and producing…show more content…
This is due to the fact that England racked up enormous debt and felt the need to end the Era of Salutatory Effect on the American colonists. Early English colonist’s efforts to protect their freedom is not unlike that of efforts of later American citizens of the south in the Civil war. In the mid-1800s America started to form a more comprised government and began to take rule and bring together all of the colonies. Southern states did not want to adhere whenever the capital said to, though they were expected to do so. When the northern states started getting rid of slavery the other half was expected to comply, but southerners were not going to sit back and watch their whole workforce for their main economy be taken away. With courage they revolted and disbanded from the union to stand up for their rights just as English settlers had done to create the free nation of
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