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Your prediction on Peter and Howard make logical sense. As a reader, we come to sense a pattern in books and stories in general. The protagonist suffers to make it out on top and the antagonists eventually falls in humiliation. The Fountainhead has yet to display any evidence that Rand is trying to break this mold. And isn't that ironic? Rand is talking about originality yet writes the book in the most cliche way. Of course, we must keep in mid that Rand cares little for unique storytelling and only wants to represent her philosophy. So when you say that Howard is "too idealistic" , it is because Rand is using the extremes of her philosophy and the extreme against her philosophy. Howard represents what everyone should look up to as they can never be that "idealistic". Howard is supposed to pull people in Rand direction and …show more content…

You decided to use page 143 to talk about her desire to stay unattached but there is a flaw in this interpretation Johnny. Oh I'm sure at the time, it was a reasonable conclusion but later there is a better answer for this quote--page 219 to page 220, "She had not given him the one answer that would have saved her: an answer of simple revulsion--she had found joy in her revulsion...That was the degradation she had wanted and she hated him for it...She came to the quarry and looked slowly, carefully...She asked: There was a man you had here...a man with very bright orange hair...where is he?" Here we see Dominique no longer free but now connected to another person, asking where Howard is. So what does this have to do with page 143? Well instead of this quote being separate and only about freedom to choose, I believe that Dominique was commenting that everybody had someone to connect with--she does not. Dominique is saying without saying that she desires to have someone who understands her ideals and personalty. Until then, she stays separate from the world, Howard fixes this

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