The Frog King And Cinderella Analysis

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being passive. This passive state of acceptance can be like poison for the mind of a young reader. The story that a young reader is left with is one that a woman's survival “Depends upon [her] acceptance of roles”(Gruss, 197). Most of the time those roles aren't decided by the main character; they are forced upon them. In Beauty and the Beast beauty have has to accept her role of being unequal to her father or siblings as she is sold to Beast in order for the siblings to stay alive, and the rest of the story is her accepting that she will have to marry the Beast. In The Frog King and Cinderella both main female characters accept what are other other people in their life tell them to do. The young princes in Frog King had the accept …show more content…

Fairy tales were written a long time ago, in a time where kings and queens still rules over entire countries. A time where women were expected to marry, and those who married into a wealthy family considered the lucky ones. The classic fairy tales that are loved by everyone such as Cinderella and The Frog King both depend on the a young woman marrying the prince and living happily ever after. This need of having to marry royalty created a false notion that in today's age we need to do the same, while at the same time branding women as an item of marriage. According to Angela Smith these tales introduced the idea that “patriarchy … conceive women as domesticated, passive, and dependent beings” (Smith, 428). The single role that women in fairy tales have, is to fit into the hierarchy system by marrying either the king or the prince. In the Frog King the young princess marries the princess despite the fact that he tries to rape her and has only known her for the span of a couple hours. In the other hand Cinderella marries the prince after only knowing him for to days just because he found her glass shoe. These stories create a false notion of having to get married in general and having to marry into royalty as the only way to escape the hardships that one is facing in life. We might see these tales as nothing more than silly and not meaningful, but to a young reader these stories are as real as life. And they are being told that there is no other for of escape from hardships then marriage, when in reality there is many more other options than just

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