The Gain Of Power In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The Crucible Throughout The crucible, written by Arthur Miller, many people who did not have power but through others suspicions, became the center of addition in the town. The crucible was a series of trials based solely on the vengeance of others resulting in many innocent people being killed.People used the suspicions of others to their benefit and gain of power in order to kill those they dislike. People within the eyes of the law murdered others who were innocent to crimes they did not commit. A witch hunt within the small town of Salem was underway sparking the fire of accusation among one another resulting in the death of many. People who had never had power or any say gained influence in so much that they had the power to say a name and have a person killed. Abigail williams a young teenage girl with no power takes advantage of the theocracy in salem by accusing those in the town that she dislikes. Abigail is the leader of the deceitful girls who accused the townsmen. Abigail plays God and expresses this through her essentially lawful murder of goody Proctor. John Proctor says in court, “she wishes to dance with me on my wife's grave.” Even John acknowledges the fact that …show more content…

In this time of crisis the townspeople decided to seek a high class judge to help further understand and identify the suspicious activity taking place in salem. Throughout this play the Judge literally has the power of God, in the sense he can pick and choose who will die and who will live. The Judge does actually believe, regrettably that he is doing the right thing, “who weeps for these weeps for corruption.” Danforth in the end becomes corrupt and unjust as he realises the power he has gained through these trials. Judge Danforth was given immense power which made him an important person in salem but negatively affected his character altering his

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