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For this discussion post, I am supposed to reflect on what I had found interesting, surprising, or even confusing about the golden age and the Cold War era at home and abroad and The American Indian Movement occurred to direct the attention to the issues that the Native Americans had persistently been dealing with. The AIM’s sole purpose is to “inspire the renewal of native culture” (Barnes & Bowles, 2014). From what I understand, please allow me to touch on one mistake I have repeated a few times in my life of education. I seem to get confused when discussing the golden era with the gilded era which the Guilded age the Gilded Age takes its name from a book by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner that was called the Gilded Age a tale of today it was published in 1873 and it was not that successful but while the Gilded Age conjures up vision of fancy parties and ostentatious displays of wealth the book itself was about politics and it gives a very negative appraisal of the state of American democracy if that helps anyone of you. …show more content…

29 anyways, most parts of the American economy took a real hit except for Hollywood at the height of the Great Depression in 1933, roughly a quarter of the American workforce couldn’t find a job, and millions of others were barely making ends meet.So you’d think that the last thing people would do with their hard-earned money was going to the movies. Now onto my thoughts on the Cold War, From what I 've gained in this course as well as growing up in the late part of the cold war.that lasted from lasting roughly from 1945 to 1990. The Cold War got its name due to it not being a war at all basically discussions of the Cold War tend to Center on international and political

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