The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls Personal Response

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The Glass Castle is a personal memoir written by Jeannette Walls that clearly illustrates the struggles and the adversity she had to deal with and overcame all throughout her childhood. Jeannette and her family didn’t have what most kids had growing up, a home. They were always on the move, avoiding authorities and leaving behind no path to trace them down. They had to scrape by with what they had. With a drunken father, and a stressed out, loopy mother, there was only so much support for the kids. There would be times where the kids didn’t have any food to eat at all, and would go dumpster diving just for a snack. The parents, who could not keep a job or refused to even get a job, made every situation and predicament they were in seem as if it was an adventure. With the kids being born into this lifestyle and not knowing anything else, they also felt as if this was the exciting way of life. Jeanette and her siblings had to learn the …show more content…

All of my little siblings are always looking for some fun adventure to go on. I try to take them to as many things as possible but with my school and sports schedule it gets pretty hectic. There isn’t a day with them that isn’t an adventure. I think a part of me feels that I have to be there for them because I didn’t really have parents that were always there when I was growing up. Even now, my parents work all the time, so the only time they see them is at night. I want to be the person to give them all of the information about growing up, and leading them into a good path. As the oldest sibling, I always want to see them do well and be happy. In the same sense, when I teach them new things everyday, they teach me new things everyday as well. I believe that with all that I’ve been through with taking care of all of them, that I am pretty prepared for what my future holds. At the least, I know I will be ready to care for a child of my own. I am prepared to deal with adversity and

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