The Good Earth Locust Analysis

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Prostitution is a problem around the word not just in the US. Some people work as prostitutes because they need to they can’t find job or they feel like they aren’t useful so they find an easy job. However, a large majority of people that are prostitutes are forced to prostitute themselves it’s not really a choice, they are told by the people that they have to else there family could be killed or they might be killed. In the book “The Good Earth” Locust was sold just so that way men could take advantage of her she was only seen as a sex symbol by the people that would go into the tea houseJust like men see women in prostitution. Most states in the United states have a band on prostitution, however there are some parts of the united states that prostitution is legal. Prostitution is something that's seen as morally incorrect. However, some people are prostituted not for pleasure but for need. Some people are told that they have to enter this horrible business or else they could be killed or their family could be killed. Everyone thinks that women prostitute themselves because they want too, but many are not in that position. A lot of people judge the people that …show more content…

Some are even taken away from their home and they are brought to a different country in a place where they know no one and they are forced to prostitute themselves and then to steal, or they are made to drug the person that wants to have sex and steal there money or belongings. It all depends on the what on the streets is called a “pimp” or the person who in charge of the the place where the sexual intcores is going to happen, or the person who in charge of the women's and that takes all of their money. The pimp in the case of the “The Good Earth” the “pimp” would be Cuckoo she was the one that was in charge of the tea shop that lotus worked and where she had sex with wang lung and there is where she was

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