The Great Gatsby Monologue Analysis

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The nerve of that fella, askin’ me to go to Gatsby’s funeral! It’s none of his beeswax tellin’ me to do anything. We need to live in the present and livin’ in the present ain’t reminiscing ‘bout the dead. It is a shame he got bumped off, but it’s done and dusted. You know he used to be a gutter rat from the middle of nowhere? Don’t look so surprised you used to be skint too.

When I first met him at the El Fey he was tanked on hooch and on his last tenner. Raving about how he saw her that day on the arm of another bloke. His first words to me were about how he knew she still loved him and some nonsense about her Catholic values. He fancied himself in love with her, but I could see right through him. He didn’t fancy her. He just fancied the idea of her. The idea of dough and living the high life, she was just his ticket in. That’s what you thought Gatsby was for you, wasn’t it?

So I tossed him a rope. I took a chance and made him the emcee of my juice joint on 42nd, like how I took you and put you at that desk. He could’ve got as many as Texas Guinan did at the 300, but he wanted to become a better person. He just kept pushing at being better, all for that Daisy. He didn’t realise that, despite his money, he would never be like her. That was the only thing they had …show more content…

I remember when I used to be like that. I had a dream too; don’t look so surprised. Used to want to play at Comiskey Park, batting in the big league. That’s when I woke up to reality, I didn’t have the grit for it. That 's when I realized that you don 't have to be in the game to play it. You know what I did then? I fixed it and I became the big cheese of the New York underworld. Those White Sox were such pushovers, just grease their hands a little and the bat slips. Sometimes you gotta know when to grease ‘em and when to let the ball roll. I knew that, Gatsby didn’t. He didn’t know it and it got him into a

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