The Greek God In Greek Mythology

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The greek god Apollo is one of the most important and complex gods in greek mythology. Apollo rules over many things such as, music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague medicine, light, the sun, and knowledge. He was viewed as a loving and caring gods but also had a dark side (Karas). Apollo brought entertainment to the gods and mortals as well as a sense of bravery. Apollo was born on the island of Delos while his mother, Leto, was seeking refuge from Zeus 's wife, Hera, after she found out that Leto slept with Zeus and got pregnant. Leto was forbidden to give birth to her children on greek land by Hera. Delos was recently formed at this time so it was not yet considered greek land. His twin sister, Artemis, who was born a day earlier helped…show more content…
Many temples were built to honor gods. Apollo very much enjoyed visiting the temples that were built for him, one day he heard about a very beautiful temple built in his honor in the kingdom of Troy. He was intrigued that this temple was built on entirely different peninsula than the Greek peninsula. Once he arrived he met a women by the name of Cassandra, immediately they both recognized each other beauty. Apollo offered that if Cassandra gave him a kiss he would grant her the power of prophecy. She kissed him right then and there, after the kiss she immediately looked into the future. She saw Apollo aided in the destruction of her city Troy, so she spit in his face. Of course Apollo was very angry at what she had done. Apollo could not take away the power of prophecy but he could add to it. Apollo cursed Cassandra by not taking away her power but making it so that no one would ever believe any of her prophecies. Soon after the occurred Cassandra warned the city of troy that the Greeks would offer them a big hollow trojan horse that would be filled with greeks and they would destroy the city. Of course no one believed her, and that night the greeks came out of the horse and destroyed the city of Troy.
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