The Green Mile Moral Analysis

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The Moral Decision Being a moral person comes down to the choices being made, whether it will create benefits or adversity for others around, it should satisfy the one making the decisions. In the film The Green Mile, directed by Frank Darabont, based on the novel written by Stephen King, displays many concepts of morality—what is right or wrong—through the decisions of the protagonists Paul Edgecomb and John Coffey. The two protagonists, Paul Edgecomb and John Coffey, both reveal throughout the film that everyone can have different views, as both the protagonists have various outlooks of what the moral idealism is. The concept of morality within the film develops through the complex decisions that the characters have to make. These decisions…show more content…
Morality is particular for each individual, as it changes from person to person due to the various worldviews. In the end, the decisions made by both Paul Edgecomb and John Coffey portrays their moral views, and how they see or want to see the world. Sentenced to death row was John Coffey, John Coffey had been accused and tried for a homicide of two young girls. Although John may had been on death row, he made moral decisions throughout the film, even at his worst times. In The Green Mile, John Coffey the protagonist was born with a gift, this gift allowed John to help heal people and also change the will and mind of the people he encounters. In the film, John first reveals his powers to Paul Edgecomb as he heals his urinary infection. As this event occurs, Paul begins to see John as a good person, which leads to his suspicions on whether John actually did commit the crime he was convicted of. In addition to the first encounter to John’s gifts, John decides to use his gifts for good throughout the film. By doing so, it shows that John himself, is a moral…show more content…
Throughout the film Paul makes moral decisions based on the people around him. Although the choices he made were for other people, the choices all portray the morality Paul has, as he wants to help everyone. In The Green Mile, Paul Edgecomb is shown as someone who is willing to put others needs before his. As Paul feels the need to help the ones around him, it leads to him wanting to help the warden's wife, Melinda. Paul wants to help Melinda as she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. As he discovers John Coffey's gift, he makes the moral decision to use John and his superior gift to help get rid of Melinda’s brain tumor. This act of kindness towards Melinda, shows a case of morality within Paul. It shows morality as Paul wants to help those around him at their worst times. The choices Paul makes are based on those around him, some decisions he makes put those he cares for before him. As Paul Edgecomb puts aside his needs for others, he shows this quality multiple times throughout the film. After Paul realises how special John Coffey’s gift is, Paul comes to believe that John is innocent. As John shows Paul his innocence, Paul concludes the execution of John should not occur. Paul’s tells John that he would allow him to run away, but John declines because he can not stand the violent within the world anymore. Paul accepts the decision John has made, allowing the
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