Moral Dilemmas In Marshall Will Kane's Film High Noon

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In the movie High Noon, Marshall Will Kane is faced with a moral dilemma just has he is about to leave town with his new wife. With his desires to leave town and move on with his wife, he is faced with a dilemma in which he feels that he has an obligation to stay and resolve this issue to make sure that the town is safe once and for all from the former killer, Frank Miller. As Marshal Will Kane has a decision to make, this essay will identify and explicate what his duties and obligations are as the Marshall of the town and whether he should leave town or have a show down with Frank Miller. As throughout the movie we saw that Kane was constantly struggling with finding former deputies to help him in his assist with taking down Frank Miller, but as a result no one wanted to stand up to this guy because they were all afraid of him and what he could do. When Kane first brought Miller in for justice …show more content…

Also not only was Kane’s deontology tested, I believe that his virtue ethics were being tested as well. He needed to face Miller because this man was and still could possibly be a killer and if Kane doesn’t do something about this issue that has come back it will haunt Kane for the rest of his life knowing that Frank Miller will always be on the lookout to get to him. Kane needed to end this once and for all so that he could fulfill his act of duty as a Marshall of Hadleyville and also feel that the since of justice has been served. I believe just as Kane did with deciding to have a show down with Frank Miller, I would have done the same thing because as Marshall of a town you are to do what is right for the safety of you as well as your town and I wouldn’t have left that town until I knew that it would be safe for the town as well as for

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