The Hobbit 12 Dwarves And Bilbo

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In the novel The Hobbit the 12 dwarves and Bilbo have a different perspective. when it comes to the elves of rivendell, The elves have a negative impression on the dwarves, but a positive one for Bilbo. But The elven lord, Elrond, has an opinion about the dwarves expedition to the lonely mountain. In rivendell there are elves that sing dance and fight. For the dwarves, elves are annoying because The elves are always laughing mostly at the dwarves beards. I know this because in the text it says,” even decent dwarves like thorin and his friends think of them as foolish or get annoyed with them. But bilbo loves them He thinks they are kind but also frightening. I know that because in the text it says,” He loved elves though he seldom met them.”

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