The Holocaust: The Most Horrific Events In The 20th Century

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The Holocaust was one of the most horrific events in 20th century history, killing 11 million people and 6 million of them being Jews, occurring during WWII, it wasn’t until the Allies started liberating camps in Northern Europe controlled by the Nazi’s, in early 1944 and slowly removing power from Hitler. Americans and other allied forces took a while to respond to the action because they didn’t want to be involved for the fear that Germany might launch an attack on the U.S or in the other Allied forces territories. We didn’t know how to react to the situation, so we just put it aside like it was nothing, which was something America still regrets. Eventually, in 1943, the Allied forces started raiding Europe and reducing the Nazi control until…show more content…
This problem right now is just like what happened with the SS St. Louis. Jews boarded the ship in hopes of finding a new home in Cuba or the United States. They were turned away in both countries and sent back to Europe. Syrian refugees have been traveling around parts Europe in hopes of finding a country that will let them take refuge, and yet all the European government has done is built a barbed wire wall on the border of Serbia and Hungary to keep them from coming in. When the Jews were locked up in concentration camps during WWII with no escape it was like no one knew what was going on. The word was kept quiet that Jews were being exterminated in camps and worked to death in labor camps so the Nazi’s could continue their plan known as “Final Solution” to exterminate all Jews. While there is no plan in Syria going on right now to exterminate all Syrians, it 's definitely not being kept quiet that there is a war going right now in Syria and the Americans are not doing anything to try to help other than having all these unimportant meetings deciding what to

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