The Honey Thief Literary Analysis

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It’s in human nature to seek revenge, however it’s in Hazara nature to seek forgiveness. Throughout the book, The Honey Thief, forgiveness is displayed as a main theme and for good reason. The Hazara people have a long history of oppression and violence against them. Yet instead of running and hiding for their attackers, the Hazara people fight when they need to fight and not a moment more. The stories encased by the book are stories of wild adventures based on one thing, forgiveness, but while the Hazara people forgive they don’t seem to forget. Therefore the main them e of The Honey Thief is forgiveness, whether it’s forgiving a thief, an invading soldier or even their own sons, the Hazara culture is built on forgiveness. A man goes into …show more content…

When people are angry all logic, all sensibility flies out the window, but that’s because they are only human, they can only control their feeling so much. But when a man comes into their village and slaughters their people then, by all means, there is no reason for forgiveness. Forgiveness is to be dealt to those who deserve it, but when murder is in play there is no telling who will forgive and who will seek revenge. Abdul Khaliq was a teenager, he was a child who was able to see what need to happen. The King of Afghanistan must die, he must die to pay for the sins of those before. “Abdul Khaliq has now reached for the loaded pistol in his pocket, and a second later, he had fired it twice” (67). A teenager paid with his life for that action. He murdered the king so his people would finally have peace. And while there is no forgiveness in sight, Abdul Khaliq did the right thing. To conclude, the main theme of The Honey Thief is forgiveness, in every situation there is a chance for forgiveness, but with forgiveness does not come forgetting. The Hazara have been oppressed, murdered and massacred, but they still have a tiny bit left in their heart to forgive, while some of them do. There are times when their hearts are too full of depression to ever think about forgiving the person who forced death onto

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