Who Was John Brown A Hero In Disguize?

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A Hero in Disguise John Brown, some say that he is a cold blooded killer. Others say he is a hero to the nation. And he is a hero to the nation John Brown was a man who believed in his own personal beliefs. His beliefs were that every man is equal. And that slavery was wrong and he felt like he was meant to be the one to stop slavery in its tracks. And he had a idea how to but, it just got executed wrong because speeches wouldn't heal the broken nation. John Brown knew what was wrong and what was right at a young age. He knew he could stop slavery so he went for it. And he treated it just the people still do in the modern world. He killed people who killed slaves he kidnapped people who kidnaped slaves he abused people who abused slaves. John Brown believed that every man is created equal and felt that slavery was wrong. Sure people say he killed many people. And thought that he was just a murderer. Yes he killed people. But the majority of the people he killed would have killed someone or more than one person. So in a way he saved lives. People also said that he could have just not killed anyone. But if he did not kill anyone it would be like training a dog without punishments or …show more content…

While doing this he helped the lives of many people and animals. Overall looking back on the situation this was all for the best and as long as all of this had a good end that's all that matters it doesn't matter if Cinderella had rude stepsisters and a horrible stepmother because in the end she got her prince and that was all that mattered to her. All that mattered to john brown was slaves to be free. Even if it took a few years and a few lives being spared he finally had a happy ending if only he was alive to see it. And he helped future generations. Along with saving people's lives he also helped animals and had a true love for them. Many people who like animals tend to be kind and very persistent on getting their

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