The Human Condition In Beowulf

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The human condition is defined by as being the positive and negative aspects of existence as a human being, especially the inevitable events such as birth, childhood, adolescence, love, sex, reproductions, aging, and death ( 1). Although humans place confidence that they are remarkably different from their ancestors, humans share countless amounts of similarities over time that do not modify. Mortals cannot adjust these aspects, and will always experience them. These elements to consider range from loneliness to death. The poem, Beowulf, written by an unknown author demonstrates countless facets of the human condition, including loneliness, vengeance, greed, violence, gifting, mortality, and envy.
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Loneliness has always existed in the human condition and is inevitable. Although loneliness has shown in many different forms over time, it is still a key factor in the human condition. Whether exiled from a friend group or exiled from a kingdom, loneliness is crucial. It is an emotion that mortals have always experienced at one point in his or her life. One way loneliness is illustrated in Beowulf is through the monster, Grendel. Grendel encounters feelings of loneliness from being exiled from the townspeople’s parties. Since Grendel was a monster descended from Cain, he was not accepted by other …show more content…

Vengeance has always been a fierce feeling homo sapiens receive. Humans will always ache for revenge when a terrible event occurs to his/her loved one. A mother of a murder victim will always desire revenge. A father of a kidnapping victim will always demand revenge. Vengeance is a vital part the human nature. In Beowulf, Grendel’s mother represents vengeance as part of the human condition. After her son, Grendel, is exterminated, she immediately craves revenge on Beowulf and his people, the people who murdered her son. The fire-breathing dragon also portrays the emotion of vengeance in Beowulf. The dragon becomes incredibly vengeful due to a fugitive stealing its treasures from its cave. The dragon then raids the countryside and burns down home in

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