The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Book Analysis

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The picture is a still of the movie “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, second part in a saga based on a trilogy of books. This scene appears in the beginning of the film and represents The Reaping, the process that selects the participants of the Quarter Quell. I argue that the scene is a defining moment in the revolution because it is the instant when the discourse changes and the people stand together to fight a repressive system that favors class inequality. The still shows the difference between the people of the Capitol and the people of District Twelve. The difference in class is clear when looking at the still and the way that they dress. The colors of the people in district twelve are dull and plain, while Effie is bright and shiny.…show more content…
As the still shows, the Reaping is watched by everyone in the District. This creates a bond between the tributes and the people from their districts, which means that they will see the games and support the people from their district. The purpose of Games is to remind them from the horrors of war and to make them grateful for the security and the peace that the Government provides. The tributes are forced to kill everyone in the arena in order to survive, which brings a cruel and animal behavior. The Capitol also promotes segregation, since they force the districts to fight one another. This segregation is helpful to the Capitol, since one separate district is less dangerous than twelve united. The setting of The Reaping is also interesting. Worth mentioning is the fact that it takes place in a Government building and on a stage, putting the tributes and the Government people above the crowd. Another indicator of totalitarianism is the banner that hangs on the side of the picture. This kind of flags have been used since Roman times and are common in totalitarian
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