The Importance Of Alzheimer's Speech To Congress

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A lot of people think Alzheimer's is just forgetting minor things or daily tasks, but in reality, it’s a much more serious disease. In Seth Rogan’s speech to Congress, he uses his personal relationship and connection with his mother-in-law, and specific word choices to create a compelling argument for support for Alzheimer's disease.

In Seth Rogan’s speech he uses a sense of connection and emotion to address congress about Alzheimer's. Rogan wants to help others, so one of his points in his speech is that he wants others to “feel less alone”, and he knows if “he and his wife saw someone like him talking about'' the disease more, he would feel better and know that there are many more people and families out there battling with Alzheimer’s. This …show more content…

Rogan gets into how Americans and the Government “whisper the word Alzheimer’s”, but even though whispering is good it’s nowhere near what it should be because “it needs to be yelled and screamed” so it can finally get the recognition and awareness that it needs to support those who are battling it. This specific word choice is saying that people are very timid when it comes to Alzheimer’s, but if there is going to be any change in the funding and awareness, people need to be flamboyant when it comes to Alzheimer’s. Before Rogan’s mother-in-law got Alzheimer’s he thought it was just “something old people got”, “forgetting keys”, or “wearing mismatched shoes” because that’s “how it was displayed in movies”, but he soon realized it was much more serious than that, and that’s when he “saw the real, ugly truth of the disease.” This evidence showed that Rogan thought like everyone else when it came to Alzheimer’s because of how it was displayed in the media, but when he experienced the disease firsthand with his mother-in-law, he saw that this disease was no joking matter and that it needed to be talked about way

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