The Importance Of Ambition

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“A dream without ambition is like a car without gas…you’re not going anywhere,” (Hampton). Ambition is something many people have but many people also don’t know what the true meaning of ambition is. The dictionary definition for ambition is, “a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work” ( Ambition has made great leaders since the dawn of time, like Cleopatra, and leaders have adopted six habits which can also be found in two great leaders of the 20th century, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi, but ambition can be seen as a negative word and trait also. Humans have adapted to change for centuries. Humans have adapted to weather, to wars, and to others. Humans have developed over time to new habits and traits. Ambition is one trait that has been around for centuries and it can be seen in ancient civilizations and ancient leaders. Cleopatra can be seen as one of the early leaders that held the ambitious trait. The trait of ambition has been changing since the era of …show more content…

Stacy Schiff stated, “She lost her kingdom once; regained it; nearly lost it again; amassed an empire; lost it all” (Schiff). The statement explains that Cleopatra had ambition to keep fighting for her kingdom. That is where the definition of ambition comes in and helps light up the idea of her having ambition. Ambition gave her the strength and determination to fight for her kingdom, even when she lost it. Cleopatra lost her kingdom at least twice, almost three times, but yet she battled through it and kept getting it back. Cleopatra’s ambition made her a great ancient leader and female leader, “Even at a time when female rulers were no rarity, Cleopatra stood out, the sole woman of her world to rule alone” (Schiff). Ambition made Cleopatra stand out as a leader, and she helped get the ball rolling on the trend of

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