The Importance Of Bruton Parish Church

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Colonial Williamsburg is an amazingly realistic and informative outdoor museum that shows what life was like during colonial times. The Capitol, Governors Palace, Magazine and Bruton Parish Church are the 4 buildings that housed the most important choices, people, and mistakes .The building all people went and that taught government leaders the most lessons was Bruton Parish Church . The Church is most deserving of the commemorative coin because the colonists’ daily life revolved around the church, today it is still used, and the Founding Fathers learned from the rules of the building. Bruton Parish Church was important to the colonists during colonial times because the colonists’ daily life revolved around it. Most colonists were there more than once over the period of a month and all colonists were there once a month. All colonists were there once because they were required to attend the church which held services from the Church of England once a month. Then other colonists attended the more services because to vote colonists must own land, be free and attend church. The finally the reason the church was so highly attended was many citizens that were still loyal to the king went more often and most all citizens went to the meetings held there. Overall the Bruton Parish Church was highly attended and…show more content…
One of the ways it is connected to Colonial Williamsburg is its connection to the, “That the future may learn from the path.” The future can learn from the past is that history is important. They can learn that from this building because a lot has happened and is happening there. The building was a hospital for 2 wars, taught Founding Fathers, and gave services. If the future people decided to wreck the building they will lose a lot of important history. Bruton Parish Church is very connected to us now, in the past and will be in the future. It is very important and we can learn a lot from
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