The Importance Of D-Day During World War II

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Has anyone ever wanted to learn more about D-Day during WW2. D-day was in Normandy, France and was a massacre. The Nazis knew the allies were coming ,but they didn’t know where ,so the forted up all beaches in France. when the allies go to Normandy the Nazis were already expected them to come. Which was really bad that the Nazis knew they were coming ,because it will be harder to win. It was a bloody massacre possibly in the whole WW2 war. Before the battle could happen the allies had to come up with plans for the battle. The American allies came up with operation round up in which the British adopted. The Americans ,before D-Day, they weren’t in the allies until 12-7-1941 or Pearl Harbor. After Pearl Harbor the Americans joined the allies because they found the Japanese directed the attack Pearl Harbor. When the American, Canadians, and the British allies got together they form D-Day. …show more content…

The Nazis were using big machine guns on the top of the hill of Normandy beach. When the allies were getting closer the Nazis were getting worried. When the Nazis finally surrendered it was the most horrific battle in the war. At the end 300,000 Nazis died and 200,000 allies died. In my own opinion D-day was the major turning point in the

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