The Importance Of Democracy And Freedom In America

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Democracy and freedom: the two things the founding fathers used as the basis of the United States. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone, right? Wrong. Well at least for a majority of the history of the US. After years of fighting two of the earliest wars of America’s history is about freedom, the ancestors finally eradicated official ball-and-chain slavery from our cities upon the hills. But even if literal slavery passed, Jim Crow laws, arguably one of the most unjustifiable crimes to the American Dream, brought segregation, causing the freedom to be not so free after all. Blacks weren’t the only ones that faced discrimination either: women, natives, and other minorities had to work their way through life, dealing with unequal treatment every day. But then World War II rolled around: an atrocity in Europe, but a revolutionary event for American society. We went from the strict misogyny and tyranny to near-equality in a matter of 20 years due to the effort of activists. It was the hard work of activists that allowed people to realize the hypocrisy that the ideology of America as “the land of the free & home of the brave.” Women, Blacks, and other minorities who fought in WWII initiated a more equal, opportunistic society by promoting equality for women, expanding African American rights, and assimilating Native Americans into US culture. Post-WWII society allowed for a higher level of equality for women by providing jobs and destroying the

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