The Importance Of Family Dinners

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It has become an unspoken rule that every weekend, the whole family eats dinner outside. On Sunday morning, my grandpa calls the house phone to tell us we’re going to have dinner with my aunt and her family along with a reminder to pick them up at their house 5 o’clock sharp. What happens at dinner is exactly how you imagine family dinners to be, with the adults catching up and talking about the news. Once the bill is paid and the leftovers are wrapped, grandpa’s eyes slowly meet those of us in our youth as if to relay us a message. My youngest cousin immediately goes to him and whispers, “Grandpa, pupunta na ba tayo sa National?” and that is when we kids begin to get up and go to the next part of the night: splurging at National Bookstore.

In the hour-long span of my younger cousins’ quest for their heart’s desires, I become three things: a baby-sitter, a treasurer, and a pushcart. Once my grandpa hands me the cash, he leaves us to watch the daily billiards game on the fourth floor. I am left alone with a hyper adolescent, an emo sister, a teenager with his head in the clouds, and a seven-year-old who loves Frozen more than she loves her own brother. I can’t complain, though, because these varying personalities come in lovable sizes. As I watch my little cousin’s eyes sparkle as she picks through the sorted Disney Princess books, I cannot help but reminisce on the days when I was the one who raided all the shelves in search of the worthy book; when my curiosity and love
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