The Importance Of Food Essay

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Our food habits have changed drastically throughout the years with the development of our country and its economy. People receive larger amount of income than they did decades ago. Therefore, they are able to afford most of the food that they desire with a wider range of choices. Being able to eat whatever we want may be quite desirable, but this may also lead us to crisis of countless diseases. Our wellness is affected by our diets as well as our physical exercises and habits. In order to keep our body healthy and fit, we need to make sure that we don’t indulge ourselves with whatever food we want and maintain doing constant physical exercises. Two ways to maintain a healthy weight and to ensure that we have a balanced nutrition intake…show more content…
Two ways to maintain good emotional health are to always telling yourself that you are great no matter what other people think you are, and try not to be stuck in the grieve after failure. Not letting other people to destroy your self esteem is very important to a person’s emotional health. The loosing of self esteem could bring large impacts to a person’s life. And finding one’s self esteem back is a long and difficult process. You should always tell yourself that you are awesome regardless of the labels that other people have given you. Remember one thing, you are great just the way you are. Everyone has haters and nay-sayers in their lives because no one is perfect and it is impossible to let everyone in your life to like you. Stop caring so much about what others think of you and just be who you truly are. The grieve of failure could also be very hard to recover. Remember, no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and we should never let these mistakes be in our way of reaching our goals. So we should fight against these feelings of grieve and guiltiness and try to look forward to the brighter side. We learn from our mistakes and we should never let the mistakes that we make hinder
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