Importance Of Food Security Essay

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Food security is one of the greatest problems faced the world. There is fact said that food is enough for everyone in the world but because of the great changes which happened rapidly in the world the rate of food become less than before and it is difficult to secure it. Food security is very important to ensure that everyone has enough to eat and families can build their communities without worrying about securing their live. To meet global needs, food production must be doubled in the next years in order to solve many issues such as: starvation, malnutrition and associated health. According to The World Food Summit of 1996 defined food security as existing “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain …show more content…

According to the royal society, between1930 and 2010 the world’s population grew from 2 billion to 6.8 billion ,so the Continuing population causes a consumption growth and that means the global demand will increase over the next years and growing competition for land, water and energy will increase too(Black, 2010). Growth of population will affect on some countries ability to produce food especially in the poor developing countries, so improved nutrition is central to improved income generation, poverty reduction, and provide a good food quality. Lack of food quality has an impact on mother’s nourishment because they are more likely to give a birth, so mothers which are malnourished later will give birth of babies with a less healthier, growth retardation are associated with reduced physical activity, impairment of …show more content…

And one of the old solutions for this concern is to increase number of cultivation lands and exploit new fish stocks. But the competition for land from other human activities makes this an increasingly unlikely and costly solution .for example food producers are experiencing grater rivalry for land, water energy and the need to curb the many negative effects of food production on the environment becoming increasingly clear (Tilman et al.,2001;

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