The Importance Of Globalization And International Relations

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INTRODUCTION Globalization is reshaping the fixed and firm boundary between domestic and international spheres and changing our conceptions of the proper domain of domestic and international politics and law. In reformulating the entrenched disciplinary assumptions underlying these conceptual definitions of the national and the international, we necessarily move the concept of sovereignty to the foreground when analyzing the relationship between law and world. And the process of globalization is to achieve the transformation of traditional conceptions and constructions of sovereignty; the conventional image of a sovereignty associated with exclusive territorial jurisdiction-given the shorthand term "Westphalian" to denote the importance of…show more content…
Diplomacy can be exerted in many ways such as peace talks, written constitutions, field exercise, and also Culture, that is a familiar term and remains unchanged by definition according to the people. However, globalization and IR have constantly altered culture both positively and negatively. Globalization increases internationally technology, and the effective communication and consumption of popular products, which is goods, and services that are meant to bring people together. Globalization tends to connect cultures and international relations on a variety of levels, economics, politically and other socially, etc. International Relations have used globalization to achieve its goals of understanding cultures of different nations. IR focus on how countries, people and organizations interact internal and external and globalization is making a profound effect on the relations across the

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