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Robert Adams awakens on December 2nd, 2015 prepared for what he thought would be just be another day of work. As Robert leaves his house, he does not believe that it would be the last time he ever says goodbye to his wife, and the last time he left to go to work. When Robert arrives at the Inland Regional Center, he is prepared and ecstatic for a day full of training and a special Christmas party. Robert stares at the brown, wooden desk where his papers lay sporadically. Suddenly, a boisterous bang echoed throughout the office; shots have been fired. Adam watches as people are frantically running underneath desks, locking themselves in bathroom stalls, and calling their loved ones. Robert sprints over to the emergency exit door, but before…show more content…
Instead, of being apprehensive about the weapon itself, people should pay more attention to the person with their finger on the trigger. Our new President, Donald J. Trump, believes we have a gigantic mental health issue in our country, but for some odd reason mental hospitals are shutting down. States are looking to save money by closing hospitals, however what is more important, money or the lives of the American people? The government should pay more attention to the people than the guns because as Donald Trump states, “The guns don 't pull the trigger. It 's the people that pull the trigger.” That quote is explaining how weapons alone do no harm, it depends on the person handling the weapon that matters. A recent example that shows our major mental health problem is the Fort Lauderdale mass shooting. On November 14th, Esteban Santiago, was released from a hospital located in Alaska. Esteban was never prescribed with any psychiatric drugs. He eventually ended up killing a countless amount of people at an airport in Florida. If Esteban had received more help, would the shooting have never occurred? Mental illness is a problem which is being ignored and not treated in our country. Concentrating on mental illnesses will allow those who own legal weapons and use them in a safe manner can still have the opportunity to own guns; hopefully the United States can work together to make sure guns refrain from being retained by the wrong people. We need to do something now before more and more mass shootings
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