The Importance Of Hate Speech Codes

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Free speech is America’s first amendment, which in its own clearly shows its importance. Today the true definition of free speech has seemed to have been blurred. As Lucia Martinez Valivia, professor at Reed College states: “The right to speak freely is not the same as the right to rob others of their voices.” Everyone despite difference in opinions, has the right to free speech as protected by the first amendment, and those who limit the speech of others violate the ideals of our founding fathers. As a matter in fact, colleges have become a big topic when it comes to free speech. In the news you hear about speakers who were scheduled and set up to speak at a college, but students disrupt or riot. Howard Gillman and Erwin Chemerinsky, in the …show more content…

There is a line drawn to when they become hate speech codes or the location of them. “ The article Campus Hate Speech codes, states “Hate speech codes follow several formats. Some codes, including Emory 's, prohibit speech or conduct that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment. Others ban behavior that intentionally inflicts emotional distress. Still others outlaw general harassment and threats," without clarifying what constitutes such conduct.” What the writer means is that hate speech codes are categorized in many ways. Each of these categories restrict our freedom of speech, which is not what our founding fathers wanted for us. Hate speech codes are also allowed in some cases and are not allowed in others. Again the article Hate Speech codes states a valid point when it stated, “Court rulings have prohibited public (state-run) colleges and universities from enacting codes that restrict the constitutional right to free speech based on content. Private institutions, in contrast, are not subject to these decisions. Emory, for example, as a private university, can ignore public law rulings and draft whatever hate speech policy it chooses.” As you can see public universities are not allowed to restrict our rights of freedom of speech through hate speech codes, but if you would go to a private institution they could restrict your rights of freedom of speech. Private universities are allowed to do this because they are privately owned and run by the

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