High School Dropout Research Paper

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High School Dropout is on the Rise The dropout rate at Stone Mountain High School in Stone Mountain, Georgia is on the rise. The U.S. Census Bureau confirms individuals without a high school diploma are likely to live in poverty and are at a disadvantage in their educational and employment achievements. “Undereducated in the South is associated with poverty in the rural areas, and white and African American youth are equally likely to be undereducated in southern states where many whites and blacks live in rural poverty” (Waggoner 3). Statistics from Governing website revealed Georgia has the fifth lowest high school graduation rate among all 50 states. Stone Mountain High School has a 65% high school dropout rate. The school’s graduation …show more content…

Reports from Education Go Get It states, “a statewide effort to reduce high school dropouts in Georgia is depending on community organizations, churches, parents and child care providers.” It is a recent campaign that targets children from preschool through high school and encourages them to get their high school diplomas and continue with college or technical school. According to Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, Georgia has the second-highest dropout rate in the …show more content…

Implementation of a summer work-study program will allow students to work during the summer, earn an income while developing business skills to compete in the marketplace. A partnership with local businesses in the community to employ high school students will meet the student’s and community needs. Students will become empowered by developing business skills and earning a salary. The community will benefit by having students occupied during the summer, eliminating unproductive activities that come from idleness. High school dropouts are faced with decisions that have a devastating impact on their lives, by participating in gangs, drug usage, prostitution and violent activities. Students that are goal oriented does not become involved in activities that will hinder their educational goals. “Crime and education are approximately equally prevalent activities for young males. Are they related? There is unfortunately, little evidence on this point. However, there are a number of potential linkages between crime and education” (Behrman and Stacey

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