Essay On What Were The Southern Colonies

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After reviewing the reading, it’s very clear that the southern colonies would be the best place to settle. I would become a farmer because of the business of it. To be more exact I would live in Virginia even though Carolina happen to be more smart when it came to basically everything else than any other colonie. Most importantly why I would chose to be here is because they had access to the cash crops of the time, Tobacco. It allowed the lowest of society to become something and to become very wealthy. It turned the rag to riches. It was perfect for people that wanted to change their past and to have a new start. South tobacco farm owners became the most wealthy and self sufficient from the government. The south had popular trading ports that …show more content…

It stopped the spanish monopoly that they had on the tobacco industry. This would be a place that had lots of slavery. 50 million slaves would be brought over to the south. This would be a horrible place for slaves. They would be treated like they were nothing. The south would be the birthplace of slavery. Although the south had many slaves, It would only be a matter of time when the north decided to have slaves. Another Reason why the south would be better is because the geography of the landscape proves to be way more suited for living. The south had many planes which could be habit and claimed by people. And could be transformed into large tobacco farms which would turn out lots of profit. The north had many mountains that covered much of the landscape. Also Instead of the harsh winters it was much easier to survive because of the warmer temperatures. Even though these people were Self minded I believe that this was a better area of living compared to anywhere else that is why I would be migrating here. As much as I disagree with the fact of the slavery I would still come here because it offered the most to a British North

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