Why Did The South Want To Secede Essay

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The South has had many problems but I believe many of them could have been solved faster if we were allowed to secede. The North stopped us from seceding though, so we will never know. Secession has been around for centuries but when the South tried to do it, it was seen as unconstitutional. The South had many good reasons to secede. For example, it would have benefited both the North and the South, it would have stopped the Civil War from happening, and even though many people say the South wasn’t at a place to make its own decisions I think we would have been fine. If the South was allowed to secede both countries would have advanced more. The South probably would not be in debt because the North was paying people and the North wouldn’t have to pay for Southern expenses.The North could’ve had their own President and the South wouldn’t care because we were independent and Abraham Lincoln was a main reason the South wanted to secede. Also, the North could fight their own wars and the South didn’t have to get involved because the North had many disputes with other countries but the South could save their army without the North using it. The South could have been a successful nation without the …show more content…

The Civil War was mainly fought over slavery and secession. If we had just been allowed to secede that wouldn 't have to happen. The 620,000 thousand people who died would still be alive because there was no war. No one would have to pay for the damage done in the Civil War because there was no Civil War so that would help with the debt. We could’ve decided what our laws were instead of going to war over them and we could’ve taken over what states we wanted instead of fighting the North for them. The Civil War did not help our economy it only made it worse and brought our country down. If we were allowed to secede we could’ve picked our own laws. Another issue was the President, we could have appointed our own if we were our own

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