The Importance Of Living In The United States

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Have you ever thought something as silly as finger pulling would be a competitive sport? Well, it is in Austria. Did you also know that in Greece, kids throw their baby teeth on the roof for good luck? Or that children in China are potty trained in the public streets? These bizarre customs are just a few ways that differentiate countries from one another. I’ve always found it interesting how something that is normal in everyday life in the United States would be found strange in another nation, or vise versa. My love for traveling derives from moving to many places at a young age, as I was able to immerse myself in new cultures. A particularly significant move in my life was when my family left our home in the Philippines for Houston,Texas; it was an unfamiliar place that took getting used to. In the Philippines, I could walk to a flea market or even catch a ride from a jeep by just waving my hand; in Texas, most destinations required a car. As the years went by, I noticed even more distinct differences with American views towards topics like money, relationships, and family values in relation to Filipino beliefs. …show more content…

For instance, when you walk through most areas of the Philippines, there are kids on the street with no shoes and tattered clothing just begging for money. Children no older than six feel obligated to scour busy provinces for a few coins. The way people make a living also impact their view on wealth; there are an abundance of family corner stores with no set price on how much someone makes in a day. Due to the extreme poverty, people grow up appreciating the amount of money they earn, regardless if it was only a few pesos to put a meal on the table for the

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