The Importance Of Monitoring The Border

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America is an amazing country, but there is more that could be done to protect the border. The united states must change the way they monitor the border, and make it more strict. Though diversity is good, there are too many illegal immigrants entering the United States. I do not think it is fair that people can illegally cross the border and take jobs from Americans. In order to increase protection of the border, the United States should have men posted throughout the border, increase security, and make the punishments for illegally crossing more intense.
More and more immigrants are sneaking into the United States each year. One way to possibly lower the number of illegal aliens is to post guards along the border. These men could be on constant patrol, scouting for people trying to sneak across the border. If it would be too difficult to use guards, motion sensors can be placed …show more content…

Technology has become so advanced that there are ways of finding immigrants trying to sneak in. As each car passes through the border, it should be scanned with a thermal camera. The use of a thermal camera would allow border security to see if there was anyone hiding in vehicles of smugglers. The idea is simple but it could be an easy way to reduce attempts to cross the border. The people that get caught should be punished heavier than what they currently are.
The penalty for illegally crossing the border is a fine and possible jail time, along with deportation back to Mexico. If the United States made the punishment more harsh, it would not lower the amount of border crossing. These people are already afraid to cross the border, therefore raising the stake would strike even more fear into these people. The punishment should be guaranteed time in federal prison for a minimum of ten years. People will always break the law, so we as a nation should do whatever it takes to make them pay the consequence after doing

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