The Importance Of Science Failure Victor Frankenstein

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Does science fail Victor Frankenstein for the same reason that necromancy fails Faustus?–
The two texts that are being discussed are Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe. The thing at question is, if science has failed Victor Frankenstein for the same reason necromancy fails Faustus.The points in my essay is that they were both are German University educated that both try and fail to achieve what they want so they resort to other means. Also both of them failed to do much with what they have achieved or summoned. They fail to do anything with it.
Victor Frankenstein and Faustus both attend German universities. Faustus attends University of Wittenberg, While Frankenstein attends University of Ingolstadt.They were both at university to expand their learning as both of them are curious minds. They had many questions about science philosophy and other means of knowledge.Due to both of their creative and curious minds, the university as a place to learn and explore was not enough for them. So they tried to seek other means in trying to fulfill their quest for knowledge and power.Victor Frankenstein was failed by by science literature and the
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Science failed Victor Frankenstein but most importantly it fails Victor 's mother who died from the scarlet fever, at the time medicine and science did not have a cure for the fever that took the life of Victor’s mother. So he explored the sciences of bringing back the dead, and I believe that his intentions started due to his mother dying. Victor was very upset he spent many years to himself searching and researching for answers .On the way he achieved technological advancements in the Science World and he questioned death and life. One day he succeeded, he created a monster he brought the dead back to life and when he succeeded he did nothing but run away from the creation. I believe he did this because he had finally came to peace with his mother dying when the monster had been
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