The Importance Of Technology On The Environment

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Share. Play well with others. Be nice. I 've heard it said that everything you need to know, you learned in kindergarten. Guess what? It 's true. We live in a modern world, with modern problems and modern technologies. As we develop more and more into a global community, modern nations keep realizing that the best solutions are the ones we all learned when we were five: cooperate. We have invented and use a lot of technology to greatly affect our lives. However, each piece of scientific advancement carries a hidden cost, quite often it’s an environmental danger. Look around you in the room you 're in. It 's full of technology, from technology that has built its walls, to the screen you are looking at, to the chair you sit on. All of that was born out of human scientific and technological innovation. Our technological advancements have almost always been two-sided. They have helped us in one way but hurt us in another. Energy production, oil, coal, natural gas, and many other energy sectors pollute the environment in many ways. We know for a fact that this is, at the very minimum, a contributing factor to climate change, “an inconsistent, yet progressively gradual increase in the temperature of the world 's atmosphere and oceans, and all of its related consequences, such as rising sea levels, crop failures, and health hazards”. What that definition implies is that the temperature may rise one year and fall another, and so it doesn 't rise consistently year after year. It is
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